Get your heart pumping while challenging yourself to go further and faster in this 45-minute dynamic ride. Be prepared to climb hills, sprint, train intervals and track your progress using our state-of-the-art Performance IQ metrics system.

Rhythm Ride

Climb, sprint, jog and cycle to the beat in this 45-minute class. Choreographed to high-energy music, this rhythm-based ride will motivate and inspire.


Train like a fighter in this high-intensity class that combines boxing fundamentals and glove & bag work, with bodyweight HIIT to build strength and stamina. Jab, cross, hook and uppercut your way to a killer total-body workout.


Our signature blend of HIIT features high-intensity intervals, strength-training circuits and vinyasa flow yoga to torch fat, build lean muscle and increase flexibility. This 55-minute killer workout is sure to boost your endurance and performance level.

TRX/KB Conditioning

Build strength, tone muscle and burn fat in this fast-paced and high-intensity class. Our unique fusion of TRX suspension training and kettlebell conditioning lengthens and strengthens your muscles to build explosive power.


Not your typical weight workout, this strength training and cardio program is geared to fit your fitness needs and goals in a small group setting. Never the same, each session features a customized mix of TRX, kettlebells, weights, cycling, yoga and boxing methods.


Release tight muscles and increase mobility in this deep stretch yoga class with a combination of foam rollers and trigger point tools. You’ll leave primed and ready to attack your next workout.

Flex & Flow

Increase range of motion, core stability and total body strength with this hybrid class of strength-training circuits and vinyasa flow yoga. Fast-paced movements keep your heart rate up, while strengthening the powerhouse muscles.

Private Training

Individual and group sessions available. Contact VITAL for more information.